June 2019: Dodgers Are Still Good


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The Dodgers entered June with the second-best record in baseball and the best record in the National League. They had a 9 game lead over Colorado, San Diego was 9.5 games back, and Arizona trailed by 11 at the time. To make matters better, the closest competitor in the NL, the Phillies, were in town about to get swept.

In the month of June, the Dodgers went 18-10 and extended their lead in the West to 12 games over the Rockies and 14 games over the Diamondbacks and Padres. The Dodgers also now have the best record in baseball at 57-29.

So are the Dodgers as hot as in May when they went 19-7? Not quiet, but they’re still good. They do have a glaring weakness as well as a couple more areas that could use improvement.

Even the Dodger bullpen hasn’t been as bad as everyone plays it up to be. They were very dominant at the beginning of the month although they did fall on hard times in the most recent road trip. But that’s to be expected when you go to Coors Field.

The other area that they Dodgers had trouble with in June was players getting injured. They lost Rich Hill (forearm strain), David Freese (right knee soreness), and Corey Seager (hamstring). But in the absence of Seager, Chris Taylor began to heat up when he got daily starts.

The Dodgers also did a lot of cycling through players in June, giving Will Smith, Edwin Rios, Kyle Garlick, and Matt Beaty chances to play. And playing these rookies paid off.

The month was highlighted when the Dodgers hit walk-off homers in 3 straight games. The first came from Beaty, the second was hit by Verdugo, and finally Smith capped it with his own homer.

With the Dodgers playing so well, there’s not really anything to complain about this month.

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