My Real Thoughts On Yesterday’s Terrible Trade

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Yesterday, after I found out the Dodgers had traded Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Alex Wood, and Kyle Farmer, I was so intent on being the first blogger to write about it that I didn’t take any time to digest it. To my shame, it even sounded like I was in favor of this trade.

But now after having thought about it, I’m very frustrated about this garbage trade. The Dodgers sent three former All-Stars and another great man to the Reds in exchange for absolutely nothing. They basically said, “Thanks but no thanks. We don’t want you anymore.

While we, as fans, root for the team, we also love our players. While Puig was frustrating at times, we loved his personality. We all love Kemp for the way he jumped right back in as a leader in the clubhouse this year. Wood endeared himself to the fans in 2017 with his amazing All-Star year. And Farmer, while he didn’t play much, was Mr. Clutch, especially against the Giants.

To help with the pain from this trade, I’m going to look back at my favorite moment from each player’s career.

I really do love Puig. His arm was so amazing that I wished base runners would challenge him more often. I also loved his personality. He brought a childish fun to Dodger Stadium. Here’s my favorite Puig moment.

I don’t really have one specific moment for Kemp. He had more of a signature first half this year. His career was basically over in Atlanta before the Dodgers re-acquired him. Then, to show his gratitude, he carried them through the beginning of the season.

When Alex Wood came to the Dodgers, he was horrible. It seemed like he gave up 5 runs every time he pitched. But then in 2017, something changed and he was amazing, even better than Kershaw. In 2018, he had some health issues that affected his stats. But even through this, he never complained and he just kept pitching.

And now for Kyle Farmer. With Yasmani Grandal and Austin Barnes in line in front of him, Farmer didn’t get much time in the Big Leagues. But when he did play, he was clutch. And let me tell you, he became known as the Giants Killer.

This trade was terrible and crushing. The Dodgers broke their fans hearts without making the team any better. Good luck to Puig, Kemp, Wood, and Farmer. We’ll miss them.

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