It’s Time For A Bullpen Upgrade


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Let’s just face it. The Dodger bullpen is terrible. Last year, once games got to the seventh inning, we could be sure that if the Dodgers had the lead, they would win. This year, the one thing you can count on is the Dodger bullpen blowing games.

While Dave Roberts deserves some of the blame for the Dodgers’ struggles, he doesn’t deserve it all. In fact, Roberts has no control over the fact that the bullpen is a wreck. He’s not the one who decided to let Brandon Morrow and Tony Watson walk this offseason.

This year, the Dodgers are relying on Pedro BáezJT Chargois, and Daniel Hudson to get them to Kenley Jansen.

Báez has enough bad outings that we roll our eyes when he takes the mound, but he has enough good outings that the Dodgers are keeping him around. He is most famous for hitting/walking batters with the bases loaded. So why are they keeping him around? It probably has to do with the fact that they only have to pay him $1.5 million.

Chargois blew yet another lead last night. In 17 appearances, he has a 4.40 ERA and three blown saves. The Dodgers are probably keeping him around because he costs them just over half a million dollars.

Hudson has an 8.68 ERA in nine appearances. The thirty-one-year-old righthander has seen much better days. He’s still on the club because he’s just about the cheapest loss you can get. He costs the Dodgers less than half a million dollars.

Did you catch my point? The Dodgers are losing because they’re too cheap to get quality arms. What would the season be like if they had spent a bit more money to keep Morrow and Watson? They’d have AT LEAST 10 MORE WINS!

I know it’s too late to get Morrow and Watson back, but the Dodgers need to make a trade. The bullpen is ridiculous right now. They need to spend money to fix the pitching staff!

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  1. Silent Storm says:

    They ONLY pay Baez $1.5 million dollars. Whew. I wish someone would pay me that much to blow a few games. 😉

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