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If the season ended right now and it was up to me, Yu Darvish would not make the post-season roster. I know, that’s a terrible idea after the Dodgers traded three prospects (including Willie Calhoun) to acquire Darvish, but he’s not pitching well. I want Darvish on the post-season roster, but only if he starts pitching well. Something’s wrong with Darvish. What is it?

The first problem is the lack of fastball command. What Rick Monday and Kevin Kennedy noticed last night was that Yu Darvish had no fastball command. I’m watching the archived game as I’m writing this and I agree with them. Darvish was missing the targets that he was given. By a lot. Here’s what Darvish is saying about it.

“There’s a gap between what I’m thinking in my mind and what I’m actually doing on the mound,” he said. “If I fix that, I feel I can pitch much better. As an example, sometimes I crow step too much to the third-base side but in my mind I’m stepping toward first-base side. It’s got me off course. Say you think you are walking straight, but you actually aren’t and you’re trying to fix it, that’s frustrating, right? It’s the same thing.”

Darvish has been trying to throw all six of his pitches without establishing any of them. Yasmani Grandal is trying to get Darvish to establish his fastball and curveball. If he does that every game, his other four pitches will be devastating. If he doesn’t establish anything, you can write all of his starts down as losses.

Hopefully, Darvish can recover from his struggles. If not, I’d rather have Hyun-Jin Ryu on the mound in the postseason. I hope that Rick Honeycutt can fix Darvish.

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