Dodgers Have 4 All-Stars; Need 5


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On Sunday when the All-Star voting was revealed, it showed that only four Dodgers received enough votes to make the 2017 All-Star team. Who are these players that were selected to the 2017 All-Star team? It’s no surprise that Dodgers’ Ace Clayton Kershaw has been selected to the All-Star team. It is also not surprising that Kenley Jansen and his 53/1 strikeout/walk ratio have also been selected. Cody Bellinger also slugged his way into the All-Star game and Home Run Derby. Corey Seager passed Reds’ shortstop Zack Cozart at the last minute to earn the start at shortstop. None of this comes as a surprise but the shocking thing is that Nolan Arenado beat Justin Turner for the start at third base.

The Dodgers have a huge fan base. This means that every player who deserves it should be on the roster for the All-Star game. The Dodgers’ traveling fanbase alone, Pantone 294, travels to away games to support the Dodgers. They always make their presence known with the big Dodgers flag that they unravel during the game. Pantone 294 does not contain every Dodgers fan. With a fan base as big as the Dodgers have, there is no reason that the Rockies’ Nolan Arenado should have beat Turner.

I enjoy looking at statistics so that is what I will do next. The stats are accurate as of 10:00 am on July 4, 2017. Justin Turner’s stats are much better than those of Arenado and Bryant:

 Justin Turner 212 37 81 7 31 2 .382  .472  1.029 
 Nolan Arenado 331  52 99  15 63  2 .299 .351 .898
 Kris Bryant 278 50 73 16  32 .263 .380 .901

Nolan Arenado leads the three third basemen in At-Bats, runs scored, hits, and runs batted in. Arenado has more hits because he has more at-bats but he has a lower batting average than Turner. Arenado scores more run, not because of his hitting, but because of the people in the lineup behind him. Arenado also leads in RBI because of the people in the lineup in front of him.

Kris Bryant has hit more home runs than the other two and he has stolen more bases. Sixteen home runs are not terribly impressive and stealing six bases is not a big accomplishment.

In my opinion, Turner has the highest stats where it matters. Batting Average, Turner has more hits than Bryant in less at bats. He has a better hit/at-bat ratio than Arenado and Bryant. Turner’s on-base-percentage is higher than you would most leadoff hitters’ OBP This is due to the fact that he is taking walks and hitting the ball. Turner also has a higher OPS, which I will admit I don’t know what it means. I do know that it should be as high as possible and is becoming the most popular way to compare hitters.

All things considered, Justin Turner should have beat Arenado for the start at third base. But don’t give up. There is still a way to get Turner to the All-Star game. He will not be a starter but the MLB Final Vote is going on now. You can follow the link I just provided or you can text “N5” to 89269. The final way you can vote is with #voteJT. Every tweet with the hashtag will count. Voting ends at 1:00 pm PT on Thursday.

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