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Bellinger Calls Out Astros and Correa Can’t Handle It

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The Astros are cheaters. Everyone knows that by now. Up until this point, I haven’t written much about the sign-stealing scandal or “operation code-breaker” as it …


Are The Dodgers Trying To Lose Tonight?

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I’m watching the Dodgers right now and beginning to dread the end of the game. Yu Darvish pitch horribly for the second straight game. The Dodgers …


Astros Outlast Dodgers In Slugfest

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Alex Bregman hit a walk-off RBI single in the bottom of the tenth inning off Kenley Jansen that put an end to a slugfest and gave the Astros …


Los Angeles Will Face The Astros In The World Series

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I’m sure that by now you already know this news but I was camping over the weekend so I ran out of time to write. After …