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Bellinger Calls Out Astros and Correa Can’t Handle It

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The Astros are cheaters. Everyone knows that by now. Up until this point, I haven’t written much about the sign-stealing scandal or “operation code-breaker” as it …

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BREAKING: Dodgers Get Betts

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The President may have been in the process of delivering his State of the Union address, but that didn’t stop the Dodgers from making a move. …

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Let’s Talk Trade And Roster

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This offseason has been moving rapidly. Everywhere, that is, except for Los Angeles. As I’m sure you know by now, the winter meetings saw Stephen Strausburg …

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Why Spending Big For Gerrit Cole Is So Important

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The Astros know something everyone else hasn’t learned yet. They’ve turned pitchers like Charlie Morton and Lance McCullers Jr. into good pitchers, made Justin Verlander elite …

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The Dodgers Don’t Want A World Championship

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In a press conference yesterday, the Dodgers announced that they don’t want to win the World Series. More accurately, they announced that Dave Roberts is returning …


Poor Game Management Cost The Dodgers The Game And Season

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It’s only October 10, but the Dodgers will not be playing any more baseball until Spring. They lost to the Nationals 7-3 in 10 innings and …