Bellinger Calls Out Astros and Correa Can’t Handle It

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The Astros are cheaters. Everyone knows that by now. Up until this point, I haven’t written much about the sign-stealing scandal or “operation code-breaker” as it is being called. But as teams have begun to report to Spring Training, things are really beginning to heat up.

On Thursday afternoon, in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Astros held a press conference to “apologize” for their actions. It was a lousy press conference where they basically just said they are “remorseful” for everything that occurred. In the following interviews, they’ve continued to insist that though they cheated, it didn’t impact anything.

And that’s where the Dodgers come in. They were directly impacted by the Astros’ cheating, and aren’t afraid to talk about it. On Friday, multiple Dodgers faced the media and talked about the Astros.

“I think what people don’t realize is, [José] Altuve stole an MVP from [Aaron] Judge in ’17,” said reigning NL MVP, Cody Bellinger. “Everyone knows they stole the ring from us.”

Let’s just say, this didn’t sit well with Astros’ shortstop Carlos Correa. In an interview with Ken Rosenthal, Correa complained about Bellinger’s comments.

Correa claims that Bellinger doesn’t know what he’s talking about, saying, “So when he talks about that we cheated for three years he either doesn’t know how to read, is really bad at reading comprehension, or is just not informed at all.”

In reality, Correa is misinformed. Bellinger never said anything about the Astros cheating beyond 2017. He spoke only about the 2017 World Series and MVP.

Correa was further offended when Bellinger said he’s lost respect for the Astros. But why wouldn’t he? The Astros cheated, denied it, have dodged every question about it, haven’t sincerely apologized, and still claim their cheating wasn’t wrong or beneficial to them.

“We all make mistakes,” said Correa. “And because you make a mistake, people are not going to lose respect for you. It’s how you confront those mistakes that you make. You’ve got to admit to those mistakes. You’ve got to accept those mistakes. You’ve got to learn from them.”

But let’s take a look at how well the Astros followed their own advice. Here’s their lousy press conference:

Long story short, the Astros have been caught for cheating, but they don’t care. They still insist they did nothing wrong and are offended when other players call them out on it. I, along with Bellinger and the rest of Dodger Nation, have lost all respect for the Astros.

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