Why Spending Big For Gerrit Cole Is So Important

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The Astros know something everyone else hasn’t learned yet. They’ve turned pitchers like Charlie Morton and Lance McCullers Jr. into good pitchers, made Justin Verlander elite again, and turned Gerrit Cole into an amazing pitcher.

But now Cole is on the free-agent market and the Astros have a very slim chance of re-signing him. It’s a perfect opportunity for the Dodgers to swoop in and get and elite pitcher who knows the Astros system.

Cole won’t be cheap. In fact, he would probably become the largest contract on the Dodgers. But Cole’s worth the money.

Cole posted unrepeatable numbers in 2019, 2.50 ERA in over 200 innings with a 0.89 WHIP. As I already said, his 2019 season is unrepeatable.

But Cole doesn’t need to repeat 2019 in order to be valuable. Especially coming off a long postseason, I’d be happy with a 2.75 ERA. And that’s because Cole brings more to the table than when he pitches every day.

As I mentioned earlier, Cole knows what the Astros know. He can bring that knowledge to the Dodgers and help them begin building a historic rotation, just like Houston.

And even more than that, Cole would be able to mentor pitchers like Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin. Not that Clayton Kershaw isn’t doing it, but imagine if the two of them teamed up to help these young pitchers.

If the Dodgers want Cole, they will have to pay more than they’re comfortable with. But it’s time. After such a miserable playoff run, the Dodgers need to go out, be aggressive and put together the best team possible.

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