The Dodgers Don’t Want A World Championship

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In a press conference yesterday, the Dodgers announced that they don’t want to win the World Series. More accurately, they announced that Dave Roberts is returning to manage next year.

Dodgers’ General Manager, Andrew Friedman, went as far as to say he was “surprised” to be asked about Dave Roberts, saying, “You look back over the last four years and compare what Dave has accomplished and compare that resumé to others out there. We feel like, from our standpoint, when the season ends as abruptly as it does – one of the more painful losses I can remember – the focus is on, how do we win 11 games in October? And in our minds, Dave is absolutely a part of doing that and an additive part.

When Friedman mentioned Dave Roberts’ resumé, it blew my mind. Does he even know how many managers are unemployed right now? The Dodgers could hire Joe Madden, Buck Showalter, Joe Girardi, or Mike Soscia.

But no. The Dodgers have decided to stick with Dave Roberts, who has made poor managerial decisions in the last 3 postseasons. And trust me, they aren’t actually keeping him because of his resumé.

The real reason Roberts will be back with the club in 2020, is because of the extension he signed this Spring. His contract goes through 2022, so why, says Friedman, would they pay extra money for a new manager.

But this is the problem. It was clear in the NLDS, especially game 5, that Dave Roberts can’t handle postseason managing. He’s a great regular season manager, but when the playoffs hit, he doesn’t react until it’s too late.

Other News:

Andrew Friedman Gets New Contract

Andrew Friedman said he will be returning as the Dodgers’ president of baseball operations. He said he expects his new contract in the next couple of days.

This is good news because he is great at building a roster for now and the future.

Rick Honeycutt Retires

Rich Honeycutt is transitioning out of his role as the Dodgers’ pitching coach and moving into a front-office position. Honeycutt held the position for 14 years.

Dodger bullpen coach Mark Prior, will likely replace Honeycutt as pitching coach.

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