Dodgers Put Bandaid On Catcher With Martin Trade

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The Dodgers have taken a step to address their catching problem now that Yasmani Grandal has signed with the Brewers. Unfortunately, it isn’t the Blockbuster trade we’ve been waiting for. Instead, this morning, the Dodgers sent a pair of lower-level prospects to the Blue Jays in exchange for the 35-year-old catcher, Russell Martin.

Throughout his career, Martin has been an average hitter. In the later part of his career, Martin has struggled to stay on the field, playing just 91 games in 2017 and 90 games in 2018. His offensive stats were pretty much horrendous in 2018, posting a .663 OPS and an 86 OPS+.

As you can see from his stats, the Dodgers aren’t planning on stopping their catcher repairs. They are still very much “in” on Realmuto. But if the Marlins refuse to lower their asking price and the Dodgers continue to refuse to pay, they will at least have someone behind the plate in 2019.

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