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Catching stats may be the simplest, most basic of the basic stats. A because a catcher’s main goal is to lead the pitcher, catching doesn’t require a ton of stats. In fact, most of what a catcher can do isn’t quantifiable.

Caught Stealing (CS)

Caught Stealing is basically what it sounds like: how many times a catcher throws out a would-be base-stealer. Every time a base-runner tries to steal a base and is thrown out, the catcher is credited with a caught stealing.

Caught Stealing Percentage (CS%)

This is also simple. How many times is a catcher successful in catching would-be base-stealers? The formula is caught stealing / stolen base attempts.

So that’s everything for this post. Now that I’ve got the basic stats out of the way, I’ll be able to dive deeper into Statcast and Analytics.

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