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In this last week, the Dodgers coaching staff has lost a lot of men. In addition to their on-field coaching, the Dodgers’ front office has also lost one of its key members. Of the people I”m going to discuss in this column, only Dave Roberts is staying with the Dodgers.

Chris Woodward (Dodgers’ Third Base Coach)

Chris Woodward has been the Dodgers’ third base coach for the last three years. He was hired by Dave Roberts at the beginning of his managerial career. But with managerial openings all over the place this offseason, Chris Woodward was hired by the Rangers to be their manager.

How do I feel about this one? I think Woodward will be great for the Rangers. From what I’ve heard about him, he’s a people person and he’s smart. For the Dodgers, while Woodward was more than just their third base coach, I don’t think it will be too hard to find a replacement.

Turner Ward (Dodgers’ Hitting Coach)

Turner Ward was also brought in by Dave Roberts three years ago. While he’s helped transform some Dodger hitters, including Puig and Taylor, we’ve also found reasons to be frustrated with him. His “hit homers, strikeouts don’t matter” mentality has cost the Dodgers some key games in the postseason.

Ward has been hired by the Cincinnati Reds to be their new hitting coach. As far as this goes for the Dodgers, I think it will be good to have a new face and arm throwing batting practice before every game.

Dave Roberts (Dodgers’ Manager)

The Dodgers have reached a contract extension with Dave Roberts, worth four years and roughly $1 million per year. In his three years as manager, Roberts has led the Dodgers to three NL West titles. But despite two World Series appearances, he hasn’t been able to bring home a championship.

For the most part, Roberts has been a great manager. His calm, controlled nature has created a relaxed but professional clubhouse culture. The players love playing for him. But some of Roberts’ decisions came under question when he was outmanaged by both the Red Sox and Brewers.

Farhan Zaidi (Dodgers’ General Manager)

Farhan Zaidi accepted a position as the Giants’ President of Baseball Operations yesterday. After four years in Dodger blue, Zaidi has now joined the Dodgers’ arch enemy. Zaidi is responsible for the way the Dodgers are built. He put together the bullpen and the power-heavy, high-strikeout lineup.

We don’t know who will replace him yet. It could be Andrew Friedman, the Dodgers’ President of Baseball Operations, or it could be someone from outside the organization.

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