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There are only a few ways to make yourself seem more stupid than trying to predict baseball standings. In March, I wrote a post titled Predicting the 2018 National League Standings. In that post, I predicted how each NL Division would look on the morning of October 1. But due to the tie-breaker games, the season lasted one extra day. So now, let’s take a look at my 2018 National League Predictions:

NL West

Predictions Actual
Dodgers Dodgers
Rockies Rockies
Diamondbacks Diamondbacks
Giants Giants
Padres Padres

I can’t believe that I actually got this one right. It sure didn’t look like this is how the division would turn out. The Dodgers were horrible at the beginning of the year and the D-backs held the lead in the division for the majority of the season. The Rockies were right there with them the whole time.

But then in September, the D-backs faded. As they continued to lose, it became clear that they wouldn’t make the playoffs. The Dodgers and Rockies, however, wouldn’t give up so easily. In fact, it took an extra game for them to decide the winner on the west. In the end, the Dodgers came out on top.

NL Central

Predictions Actual
Brewers Brewers
Cubs Cubs
Cardinals Cardinals
Reds Pirates
Pirates Reds

While most people were doubting that the Brewers could win the NL Central, I picked them. I predicted that Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain would carry them. As it turns out, Yelich is most likely going to be the NL MVP. Although the Crew’s starting pitching faded in August and September, their bullpen was amazing.

The Cubs were struck with the injury bug this year. Yu Darvish, the man they signed to be their new ace, only made eight starts. Brandon Morrow went down with an injury midway through the season. And add to that the fact that Kris Bryant‘s shoulder was injured and it’s amazing that they forced a tie-breaker game and made it to the wild-card game.

The Cardinals had a bad start to the year, but after they hired a new manager, Mike Schildt, they took off. They weren’t eliminated until the final week of the season.

NL East

Predictions Actual
Nationals Braves
Mets Nationals
Braves Phillies
Phillies Mets
Marlins Marlins

I’ve never looked stupider than when I predicted the NL East. For some reason, I doubted the Braves. Even with the likes of Ronald Acuña Jr. and Ozzie Albies, I doubted them. The quickly proved me wrong. Acuña will be the NL Rookie of the Year.

When I predicted this, I thought I was really smart. I said, “the Nationals are the obvious choice.” Well, I was wrong. Bryce Harper still had his power in 2018, but he wasn’t getting on base. I believe this was a big factor in the Nationals’ season. Despite having Max Scherzer, the Nats pitching still struggled. All of this put them in second place and out of the wild-card game.

I’m not sure what happened to the Phillies. They had such a great start (after Gabe Kapler’s stopped making newbie mistakes) but they faded at the end of the year. Their pitching hit a wall in August and their bats were unable to bail them out. It was a sad decline to watch. They did, however, exceed my expectations.

I must have had sunstroke or some brain damage when I picked the Mets for second place. The Mets got off to a strong start, so I was laughing at all the doubters. But he who laughs last laughs best. And it didn’t take long for that to happen. Jacob DeGrom will win the NL Cy Young, but he only has 10 wins. Why? He was his only run support. I thought the Mets’ pitching would be a problem, but instead, it was their hitting. They couldn’t score runs!

So there you have it. A look back at my NL predictions. At first, it looked like I knew a lot about baseball, but as I made it down the list, it showed just how dumb I am. Did you make any predictions? If so, comment below and share them with me. I’d love to hear yours.

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