Dodgers Make A Pair Of Last-Minute Trades


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With almost no time to spare before the Waiver Trade-Deadline, the Dodgers made a pair of trades to boost their roster for the final stretch of the season and, hopefully, another postseason run. Yesterday morning, the Dodgers finalized a deal with the Nationals for Ryan Madson, then, during the game last night, the Dodgers traded for David Freese.

Madson’s ERA this year is 5.28. The Dodgers, however, decided to look past the numbers and they believe that his stuff is good enough that he can help them. Madson has handled the big moments at previous times in his career, so the Dodgers are hoping that he can help them in October.

Freese is going to be a good addition to the Dodgers’ depth. Freese is no longer a star, so he won’t be getting tons of starts. Freese, it seems, will be used as a bat off the bench or a late defensive replacement. He’s hitting .282 on the year. His splits against righties and lefties are nearly identical.

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