Dodgers Get Walk-Off Magic On Players’ Weekend


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After a 19-minute power outage, Justin Turner hit a little blooper that landed in right field for a walk-off double, giving the Dodgers a 5-4 win in twelve innings against the Padres on Players’ Weekend. Turner, who is wearing the nickname RedTurn2 on the back of his jersey, is red hot right now.

Turner’s walk-off hit was necessary after Kenley Jansen gave up yet another home run and blew a save opportunity. With one out in the ninth, Jansen gave up a solo homer to Austin Hedges. This tied the game at 4. It was the fourth homer in Jansen’s three appearances since coming off the DL.

Jansen’s blown save wasted a quality start from Clayton Kershaw, otherwise known as Kersh. The Dodgers’ ace didn’t have an easy game, but he still managed to pitch eight innings. In those eight innings, he allowed three runs (two earned), on seven hits with nine strikeouts and no walks.

When you look at the runs and hits, you might say that it was a poor game from Kershaw. But when I see those numbers, I understand why he’s the ace of the pitching staff. It’s clear that Kershaw wasn’t fooling batters as much as he wanted to, but he still pitched a full eight innings and gave the Dodgers a very good chance to win.

Kershaw was given plenty of run support on Saturday night. Manny Machado, who’s wearing “El Ministro” to celebrate his defense, also reminded us that he can use his bat effectively. In the bottom of the first inning, Machado hit a three-run opposite-field homer against Brett Kennedy, giving the Dodgers a 3-0 lead.

Max Muncy added to the Dodger lead in the seventh inning when he destroyed a fastball and sent it halfway up the pavilion for a solo home run.

Destroy The Padres

Baseball writers constantly say that for a team to win the division, they must beat up on the weak teams in their division. This year, there is no doubt that the Padres are that weak team in the NL West. At the beginning of the year, the Dodgers were unable to do this. But it this series, they’ve taken advantage of weak pitching in game one, and some other strange mistakes in game two.

Weird Padres Mistakes

Throughout the year, the Padres have had games that have shown just how young and inexperienced they are. The first one I’m thinking of came when they were on the road in Houston and they let a popup drop in the infield for a walk-off hit.

We got to see some more of these strange occurrences on Saturday night. The first came in the eighth inning when the Padres got Kershaw out of a jam. Wil Myers was on second base with two outs when Hunter Renfroe hit a line drive into Myers’ arm. Runners interference was called, ending the inning. @dodgers_news_updates called it “the most Padres out I’ve ever seen.”

The second strange Padres miscue came in the twelveth inning when Turner’s blooper dropped in for a hit. Once it dropped, none of the Padres’ fielders attempted to throw out Kemp at the plate. If they had tried, Kemp would have either been held at third, or thrown out.

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