Puig Suspended For Fight; Hundley Only Fined


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Major League Baseball announced yesterday afternoon that Yasiel Puig will be suspended for two games for his role in the Dodgers-Giants brawl on Tuesday night. In addition, Puig has been fined an undisclosed amount.

But what about Giants’ catcher, Nick Hundley? He was the one who really started everything. For his part in starting everything, he’s being fined an undisclosed amount.

If you haven’t done it already, watch the video. After Puig fouled off the pitch, he was clearly frustrated with himself. He wasn’t yelling at the umpire. His actions weren’t directed at the pitcher, Tony Watson. And most of all, he did nothing at all to Hundley.

“When I missed the pitch, I knew that was the best pitch Watson was going to throw me, so I was a little upset,” Puig said after the game.

Apparently, Hundley has a problem with his opponents showing emotion. As soon as Puig reacted, Hundley basically told Puig to stop being a baby and get back in the box.

Hundley further escalated it by standing up, then getting in Puig’s face, and saying “some words to me in English that I really can’t repeat.” All of this led to Puig shoving Hundley, who then shoved back. After this, Puig punched Hundley and the benches emptied.

It is true that Puig threw a punch while Hundley didn’t. But if you watch the video, it’s clear Hundley didn’t punch Puig because he was being tackled to the ground by George Lombard and Hunter Pence. If you watch Hundley, it’s clear he was trying to go after Puig.

When the dust settled, Puig and Hundley had both been ejected. The next day, Andrew McCutchen gave everyone a running commentary on what the brawl was like for him. If you haven’t seen it already, click here to watch it.

One day after McCutchen showed everyone the humor in brawls, MLB decided to punish the instigators of the brawl. Or at least one of them. The Dodgers will be forced to play two games without Puig’s bat and energy. Meanwhile, the Giants will not lose Hundley for even a game.

For Puig, he’s being suspended AND fined. This is ridiculous! Puig isn’t even the one who started this. Yes, he was the first to shove, but he simply wanted to take his frustration out on his bat, not anyone else.

Hundley is receiving a fine. This is likely going to be such a small amount of money that he won’t even care. And Hundley’s the one who started the fight. If he had kept his mouth shut instead of trying to police the game, nothing would have happened.

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