Who’s More Surprising? Muncy or Stripling


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Okay, it’s pole time. Yesterday, after the Dodgers beat the Braves, David Vassegh, the host of the Dodger post-game show, asked fans to call in and explain who is a more surprising breakout player: Max Muncy or Ross Stripling? I called into the show and gave him my opinion. But now I want yours.

For me, Muncy is more surprising. Until he hit a home run in San Diego this year, I’d never even heard his name. But now, I have him on my Fantasy Baseball team. When he comes to the plate, I’m confident that he’s going to put together a quality at-bat.

Stripling is a surprise, but he’s not quite as surprising. He’s showed the potential to be the Dodgers ace in the past, but now he’s living up to his potential. He’s leading Dodger pitching with a 5-1 record and a 1.65 ERA. His WHIP is an impressive 1.05. Yesterday afternoon, he only allowed baserunners in the third inning.

So which Dodger surprised you more? Muncy or Stripling? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. Carol says:

    I don’t know that I’d call Muncy surprising just because I’d never heard of him. It’s not surprising that the Dodgers called up someone and he turned out to be good enough to save their bacon (Bellinger, Taylor, etc.). Maybe Stripling is more surprising since the entire pitching staff seemed to crumble before our very eyes. That he’s still standing is the surprise.
    (But hey, I could get him on my fantasy team so he could go on the DL … what do you think?)

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