Who’s Smarter? The Front Office Or The Fans?


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This offseason, Dodger fans were calling for the front office to spend money and strengthen the team. The front office, however, refused to spend money. While other teams were telling their fans about their big trades and free agent signings, the Dodgers were telling us about the luxury tax threshold.

They are trying to fill their bullpen with a bunch of pitchers who belong in Triple-A. This offseason, they foolishly counted their chickens before they hatched. They expected everyone to be healthy. This meant they didn’t get another starting pitcher because they assumed Clayton Kershaw, who has been injured in the straight seasons, would be healthy all year.

Strangely enough, the only successful move they made this offseason was not supposed to help the way the team played. When they traded for Matt Kemp, it was entirely a salary dump. But Kemp has played well.

After we saw how good the Kemp trade was, it seems like the Dodgers were right this offseason. But now we know differently. The teams who spent money to improve are now playing better, while the Dodgers are struggling. The bullpen is a disaster. The starting rotation is a wreck. And the offense is pretty pathetic.

Everyone wants to blame Dave Roberts. But what can he do? He’s not the one in charge of setting up his roster. He’s the victim of poor management by the front office.

When I look at the teams who spent money this offseason, I begin to wonder who’s smarter. Is it the stingy front office or the fans? It sure feels like we had an idea that would actually bring success.

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