Another Panik Attack; Dodgers Unable To Win Behind Wood


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This has to be the worst possible way to start a season. The Dodgers lost opening day 1-0, then they lost their next game by the same score. Joe Panik hit a solo home run for the second game in a row, this time off Kenley Jansen in the ninth inning. Alex Wood pitched eight innings of one-hit ball, but the Dodgers were unable to score as they lost 1-0 for the second game in a row.

 Giants 1 2 0
 Dodgers 0 1 4

Joe Panik defeated the Dodgers once again, homering off of the best reliever in all of baseball, Kenley Jansen. Panik was leading off the ninth inning in a 0-0 tie when Jansen threw a cutter down in the inner half of the plate. Panik did not hesitate to drive the ball into the first row of bleachers in the right field pavilion.

The Dodgers forced Jansen to pitch in a scoreless game instead of a save situation by not scoring any runs. In fact, the only Dodgers hit was a bloop single by Chris Taylor in the seventh inning. Immediately after Taylor’s single, Corey Seager grounded into a double play. Because of this, the Giants ended up facing the minimum amount of Dodger batters.

Cueto and Wood battled throughout their starts, both of them pitching really well. Wood won the battle, going eight innings, one more than Cueto. However, you need runs to win the game. And that is something that neither starting pitcher received.

Wood had to pitch from the stretch in multiple innings, due to errors made by his defense. Logan Forsythe made three errors at third base. One was a throwing error, and two were fielding errors. Seager also made a fielding error. Wood did manage to avoid giving up any runs in the innings where he received no help from his defense, but the damage was done anyways.

Keys To The Game:


Even though no one who reached on an error scored yesterday, the errors still affected the game. Every time a batter reaches base on an error, he reaches when he should be out. This allows more men to come to the plate in that inning. If the Dodgers hadn’t made any errors in yesterday’s game, Joe Panik would never have come up to bat in the ninth inning. If he hadn’t come up to bat, he wouldn’t have hit the home run.

Missing His Spot:

It is extremely important for a pitcher to hit the target the catcher gives him. In the ninth inning, Kenley Jansen was pitching against Joe Panik when he missed the target Yasmani Grandal gave him. The target was on the inner half of the plate in the middle of the zone. Jansen, however, threw the ball on the inner half at the very bottom of the zone. Take a look at what happened:

Tomorrow’s Game:

Kenta Maeda and Derek Holland will face off in game three of the four-game series between the Dodgers and Giants. Maeda is hoping to earn his spot in the starting rotation for good this year after being sent to the bullpen during the postseason. Holland finished 2017 with a 7-14 record and a 6.20 ERA in 29 games with the White Sox. Holland had a 4.05 ERA this spring. The game will start at 6:10 pm PT and will be televised on SportsNet LA. The game will also be broadcasted on AM 570 LA Sports.

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