World Champions Or Bust

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Last year, the bar was set too low. Everyone was saying, “World Series or bust.” And that’s exactly what happened. The Dodgers made it to the Fall Classic. This year, the goal is one more postseason win. The players, front office, and fans all agree that the goal for this year is a World Series parade down Vin Scully Avenue.

There’s going to be some fierce competition for the NL Pennant this year. It’s going to be tough to even win the NL West in 2018. The Rockies and Diamondbacks are ready to take another shot a de-throning the Dodgers. The Giants have been busy this offseason and it looks like they are ready to fight again. Elsewhere in the National League, the Brewers are ready to fight for the NL Central title. The Cubs, Cardinals, and Nationals also look like they will be fighting for the pennant again.

There’s also a lot of teams in the American League who are looking for a World Series title. If the Dodgers are able to make it to the World Series, they will still need four wins to achieve their goal.

2018 will be a wild ride. The Dodgers have been preparing for the season ever since they lost the World Series. The front office has been working on boosting the bullpen, securing a second baseman, and finding more power hitters. Cody Bellinger has been working to make sure he avoids a sophomore slump. This offseason he added 15 pounds of muscle. Joc Pederson has ramped up his workouts in an attempt to earn a spot in left field.

Overall, the Dodgers look determined to win it all this year. Pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training in just ten days. The first full-team workout will be on February 19. In two weeks it will be time for Dodger baseball. The goal from day one will once again be a World Series title. Maybe 2018 will be the year.

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