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90 years ago, a baby was born in The Bronx, New York. His parents named him Vincent Edward Scully. Nobody would have suspected anything different about this baby. On October 2, 1936, little Vin was walking down the street when he passed a Chinese laundry store. He passed this store almost every day but this time, he noticed the box score from the World Series hung on the window.

“As I walked by, I stopped to look. The Yankees beat the Giants, 18-4, and I remember looking at it and I felt so sad for the Giants,” Vin Said. “So I became, that instant, a rabid Giants fan.”

We can forgive him for this because he became a Dodger fan when he got a job broadcasting with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was twenty-two when he landed the job.

Scully’s career was amazing. 67 years of calling Dodger games, football games, golf tournaments, and even hosting a talk show. Through all of this, however, he kept calling Dodger games. Over his 67 years with the club, he witnessed and even felt the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Vin’s Greatest Calls:

This is perhaps his most famous call ever. And why not? He was the reason that Gibson ever decided to play that day. Gibson was in the clubhouse watching the game when Vin commented that he wouldn’t be playing that day, or the rest of the series. As you can clearly see, Gibson’s legs were injured and he could barely walk. Well, when Kirk heard that, he told Tommy Lasorda that he wanted to pinch hit. Tommy let him and the rest is history.

Another one of Vin’s most famous calls. When Bill Buckner booted a routine ground ball, giving the Mets a win in game six of the World Series.

There are many more great calls by this Dodger legend. I have a page on this blog dedicated to them. Click here to view more of his amazing calls.

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