Seager Wins Another Silver Slugger

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Corey Seager may have fallen short of the gold glove this year, but he still added to his impressive resumé this year when he earned his second straight Silver Slugger Award. Seager became the first Dodger shortstop ever to win the award and he is now first Dodger to win it in back-to-back years since Mike Piazza did it in 1996-97.

In case you weren’t able to read the chart at the beginning, it showed that Seager led NL Shortstops in batting average (.295), hit twenty-two homers (4th among NL Shortstops), and held the third-best OPS among NL Shortstops (.854).

Seager did all of this despite injuries. Due to the injuries, he only played in 145 games this year. Two of the things that I think are most impressive about him is his ability to hit lefties and his ability to hit the first pitch. Seager, a left-handed batter, hits lefties better than he does righties. Also, he crushes first-pitch fastballs. It really makes me wonder when pitchers will stop throwing fastballs for strikes to open an at-bat.

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  1. Linus Toland says:

    Cause a pitcher likes to be ahead in the count and most batters hesitate on first throws.

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