Are The Dodgers Trying To Lose Tonight?


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I’m watching the Dodgers right now and beginning to dread the end of the game. Yu Darvish pitch horribly for the second straight game. The Dodgers offense has been leaving runners on base left and right.

The Dodgers have played 162 regular season games plus 14 postseason games so far. They have shown that they don’t give up. But tonight it looks different. They look like they’ve lost the will to win. So what’s wrong?

First, the Dodgers are swinging for the fences. Even when a simple base hit would be most helpful, the Dodgers are trying to hit it out of the park. This is absolutely killing every potential rally.

Second, Yu Darvish’s pitching was horrendous. He wasn’t executing well and the Astros took advantage. He allowed five runs in less than two innings tonight. It was painful to watch.

Dodgers, please pick it up. Stop trying for homers and instead try to advance runners with singles and doubles. Remember, one or two runs is better than none. Finish the season in a way that you can hold your head high. Please, I’m speaking for all Dodger fans when I ask you to pick up the slack and give us a World Title.

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