Puig “Grounded” For Terrible Base-Running


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Yasiel Puig did not play in the Dodgers 3-1 victory over the Dodgers this afternoon. He was benched for the entire game by Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts who was uncharacteristically irritated with Puig. Puig’s offense came in the ninth inning when he was thrown out trying to steal second base. The play ended the game.

Roberts was very blunt when talking about the play after the game. He did not act the way that Dodger fans are used to. He seemed very irritated with Puig and he went so far as to say, “it’s a bad baseball play.”

“There’s been some things, you look back, that I kept notes of,” said Roberts this morning. “You have to trust in all your players. I didn’t see him after last night. I’ve got the guys the guys I want out there today. It’s pretty simple, actually. He didn’t get treatment yesterday. He’s not in the lineup. Whatever message he gets from it, I’m putting the guys out there I think gives us the best chance to win.”

I’m not sure what side I’m on here. If Puig truly injured his ankle, then I think this is harsh treatment from Roberts. If the ankle injury is just an excuse for a bad play, then I would most likely take the side of the manager. I don’t know what other offenses Puig has committed this year, but I think that those would factor into the decision.

I don’t know if Puig will be permitted to play tomorrow, but if he does I hope he can bounce back. Puig, you need to get back up and help your team win as many more games as possible in the regular season and eleven in the post-season. I’m still rooting for you.

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