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The winter meetings are already over, but trading is not. For those of you who are reading this and have no idea what the winter meetings are, don’t feel bad, I didn’t until this year. Simply put, the winter meetings are the time when all team executives and players meet at one place to discuss trades and contracts. This was already going on before the winter meetings and will now continue, but for three days, everybody was in the same place. This makes it easier to out-bid your opponent on free-agents, and also makes trading much easier.

 The Dodgers were not very active during the winter meetings, but they did make one big move. The Dodgers re-signed free-agent Rich Hill, who they acquired at the trade deadline this season. The 2016 season was a struggle for Rich Hill, who battled blisters on his pitching hand during the second half of the season.

Hill, 36, went 12-5 this season with and ERA of 2.12 in a total of 20 starts. He also struck out 129 batters in a total of 110.1 innings pitched.

From what management said of him, it seemed like bringing him back was always a priority. President of baseball operations said of Hill, “I think being around him for the three months we were, exceeded what our expectations were.” Manager Dave Roberts said, “To have him chose to be a Dodger, means a lot to us. Going forward, we want guys who want to be with the Dodgers.” You can see that the Dodgers are happy to have Rich Hill back, I’m happy to have him back, and I know that he is happy to be back.

Other than re-signing Hill, the Dodgers have had continued dialog with Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen. With the signing of Mark Melancon and Aroldis Chapman, there is a high demand for Jansen, while there is still a low demand for Turner. The Dodgers still would like to bring both of them back, which is surprising from the way that they have acted so far.

If they wanted to bring them back, I would have sent them multi-year offers during the season. They didn’t do that and the qualifying offer they sent them was not one I would sign for. The sent both of them a 1-year deal, which means that if they had signed they would have to go through this again next year.

That is all from the winter meetings, but not all from this off-season. Stay tuned in and GO DODGERS!

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