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How many of you remember when Corey Seager made his major league debut, or when Dave Roberts won his first game as the Dodgers manager? At those times some of you may have thought that they would become the best, but some may have thought they were average. Now, Seager has been awarded the Rookie of the Year Award and Dave Roberts led the Dodgers to their 4th straight NL West title. Furthermore, Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Utley were inducted into the Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame on Wednesday. So far this off-season has been a lot of fun, but there have also been some things that aren’t as good. Most recently, Josh Reddick signed a 4 year deal with the Astros for $52-million.


Corey Seager was clearly the best rookie in the National League this year, so this award is well deserved. Seager, who is only 22, played like he has been at it for years. He never seemed to be stressed out while playing and he seemed to always enjoy it. Seager was also the player Choice Rookie of the Year, and his say that he deserves these awards.

Seager’s double-play partner Chase Utley said of him, “Corey is a special talent that doesn’t come around too often, the Dodgers organization and fans are truly lucky to have him wear their uniform. He is deserving of this honor and most likely many more to come.”

Utley was not the only person to give Seager such high praise, teammate Justin Turner also had some things to say, “To win Rookie of the Year and be in the MVP race as a 22-year-old rookie speaks to the year Corey had. He’s only scratching the surface, and has a chance to be one of the best players in the game, and he’s already pretty close.”


The 2016 season was a great one for rookie manager Dave Roberts. He got a full taste of what it is like to manage a team with 28 players hitting the DL, dropping to 8 games behind the Giants, starting pitching that didn’t go farther than 6 innings, ect. Despite all of this, Roberts kept his cool and always seemed to know what he was doing. I’l admit that there were times that I didn’t trust him, but those became fewer as the season progressed. Even Tommy Lasorda was impressed, “With the number of injuries the team faced last season, Dave showed he could handle adversity and he motivated his players and kept them together for the ultimate goal — a championship,” the former Dodgers manager said.

Roberts is also a cancer survivor, he won the battle against Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2011. It seems like Dave has always been a fighter and that may be what saved his life. The now 44-year old is very thankful to be in the Dodgers dugout instead of the hospital.


Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Utley didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so they got themselves inducted into the Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame. Both of the players have spent off-season time in the AFL, and now they are being honored for being such great players. Gonzalez’s number 25 and Utley’s number 29 have been retired and plaques have been hung for the players. Both of the players said that the fall league is fun because you get to be around players from other organizations.


Of course, we can’t have only good news all the time, and it is time for the bad news. I have saved it for last, so you will either finish reading this sad, or you will forget about all of this because of the excitement that you already read about. The Dodgers acquired Josh Reddick and Rich Hill from the A’s at the trade deadline. Both Reddick and Hill had op-out options in their contracts, and Reddick has already taken advantage of it. The Astros signed Reddick for $52-million over 4 years.

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