Who Am I? (War Horse Edition)


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The is a guessing game designed to test you and see if you know you Dodgers. The rules are simple, read the post and try to guess which Dodgers is being featured. Once you come to the bottom there will be a link the the player’s MLB profile, click the link and you will find out if your guess was correct. Enjoy and good luck!

The Clues

My name is the War Horse, I grew up in Cuba and it took 5 tries before I was able to be smuggled out to play baseball. I have lived in Miami, Florida ever since leaving Cuba. My first minor league season was in 2012 and I had a .354 batting average and with runners in scoring position I hit .375.

When I made my Dodgers debut in 2013, I collected my first major league hit, and I ended the game by throwing out a Padres runner after catching a ball. The next morning my name was in the headlines everywhere that I looked. My second game was even better than my first, I hit 2 home runs, one nearly left the park over the left field pavilion, collected 3 hits, and drove in 5 runs. I even got my first curtain call that day. It was a great series.

In 2014 I was named to the NL All-Star team and competed in the home run derby. I was having a lot of fun playing baseball, and whenever I thought that I had hit a home run I would flip my bat. There was one game that I hit 3 triples against the Giants, but I thought they were home runs when I hit them. The only thing that kept them from going out is the deep and tall right field wall, so I flipped the bat 3 times that day and didn’t even hit a home run.

I did not get along with Don Mattingly in 2015, and ended up losing my starting job. I also was tormented by my hamstring and spent most of the season on the disabled list. When I did play I didn’t have fun like I used to, and I stopped trying. I was really thankful when our new manager Dave Roberts told me that he was giving me a clean slate. During the off-season I worked off a lot of the fat that I had picked up and I began to work hard again. When I arrived at spring training everybody was commenting on how it seemed like I actually wanted to play, and I did.

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