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If you step into my bedroom, the first thing you will notice is the mess. The second thing you will notice is that your feet hurt from stepping on my Brother’s Lego’s. But I’m not writing about how much it hurts to step on a 2×2 Lego brick, or about how I need to spend more time cleaning my room. I’m writing about the part of my room that makes it unique, my Dodgers memorabilia collection. My brother calls it junk, but I disagree with him.

The Rally Towel

rally towel

My Rally Towel was the giveaway at my very first Dodgers game. My Grandma bought me, my Brother and my Dad tickets to game 2 of the Dodgers vs. Yankees series in LA. We arrived at the stadium and were handed these Rally Towels. We had no clue what they were for so we just hit each other in the face with them when everybody cheered. I now bring this to every Dodgers game that I go to.

The Mike Marshall Cy Young Award Pin

mike marshall pin

I was  watching my Sister play a softball game when my Dad told me that his client, who was a season ticket holder, had given us tickets to the game on June 18, 2015. It was the Mike Marshall Cy Young Award Pin giveaway night. The pin was pretty cool, but I think the cooler thing was the way that the game ended. The score was 0-0 in the bottom of the 9th with Kike Hernandez on third base. The Ranger’s pitcher Keone Kela balked. Hernandez scored and the Dodgers won the game.

The Pee Wee Reese Retired Number Pin

pee wee reese pin

The story for this pin is close to the same as the one for the Mike Marshall pin. My Dad told me one day that the same client who game us the tickets for the Mike Marshall pin gave us tickets to the game on May 9, 2016. We were given 4 tickets that were right next to the Met’s bullpen, My seat was the closest in row M of the right field pavilion to the bullpen. I brought my Dad, Brother and one of my best friends. My friend got on diamond vision before the game started while he was eating his Dodger Dog. Sadly the Dodgers lost.

The Sign and Pennant

dodgers blvdpennantMy Aunt and Uncle gave me both of these for my 12th birthday. The Dodgers BLVD sign has hung on my door as a reminder to any Giants fans of who they’re messing with. But because I don’t know very many Giants fans it now hangs on my wall. The pennant doesn’t work as a flag so I put it on my wall instead. I hold it up with blue thumb tacks and you don’t see them unless you look closely.

The souvenir bat and ball

batballI bought this souvenir bat at Walmart. It is just like the ones that you can buy at Dodger Stadium but half the price. It is 18″ and real wood. One of my favorite things to do with it other than display it is to imitate a batter’s stance while I watch the game on TV. I also bought the ball at Walmart. It is a soft foam ball so my Mom lets me throw it in the house! It doesn’t bounce off of walls very well so I use it when someone else will play catch with me.

The Baseball Frames

clayton kershaw framedreamin' dodgersMy sister gave me the baseball picture frame. It can hold a wallet sized picture, I have put in pictures of myself in a team uniform or a team picture, but I prefer to do major league players. If there is a player who is playing really well, like Howie Kendrick in July, I will put his card in. Right now I really want Clayton Kershaw to come back, so I have his card in it. My sister also gave me the Dreamin’ Dodgers picture frame. She drew a picture of Clayton Kershaw on the left, me pitching in the middle, and the greatest third baseman of all time, Jackie Robinson on the right. She decorated it with the Dodgers logo and baseball.

The Nacho Helmet

nacho bowl helmetOne of the best things about getting the loaded nachos is the helmet that comes with it. In 2015 my Dad took me and my Brother to spring training. He bought us the nachos for part of our lunch and  it came with the helmet. Once you clean all of the nacho cheese sauce out of it, you can make a catchers helmet. The only problem is that it is to big for my head, I fix that by wearing my hat underneath it and it fits perfectly. There is no padding in it so DO NOT use it in a real game

The Clock

clockThis Clock was a summer project last year. My Mom took me to the craft store and I bought the supplies that I would need for it. The supplies were: the clock mechanism, the arms, the wooden baseballs, paint, paint pens, and a wooden box. I drilled a hole in the box and painted it. I then measured and drew the numbers, I then glued the baseballs on. Next I stuck the clock mechanism in the hole and attached the arms. I put the batteries in and set the time. My measuring must have been off because it doesn’t display accurately but it is a nice decoration.

The Justin Turner Chia Pet

justin turner chia petOne of the best promotions of the year was the Justin Turner Chia Pet. I saw the commercial and I wanted to get one and so did my Dad. We were unable to go to the game though so my Dad wanted to buy one from Ebay. The day after the game, a friend of the family told me that he had gone to a Dodger game with some of his friends. He is not a Dodger fan and when he was handed this Chia Pet, he thought it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen. He gave me the Chia Pet with one condition, that I would show him what it looked like when it was grown. Well, lets just say that the beard didn’t grow how the commercial showed, plants grow towards the sun so it was growing off to the side. It was quite a sight.

The Bobbleheads

vin scully bobbleheadclayton kershaw bobbleheadI was having a pool noodle, lightsaber battle with my brother when my Dad came home from work. He called me inside and showed my two bobbleheads that his client had given him. One was the greatest Dodger of all time, Vin Scully. The other is my favorite player, Clayton Kershaw with his 2014 Cy Young Award. Neither one of these bobbleheads has ever been outside of the box, so they are in perfect condition.

The Shirts

vin scully shirtclayton kershaw shirtThe Vin Scully shirt was given to me for my 14th birthday. Instead of the Dodgers logo, it says Scully. And instead of the baseball it is a microphone. I wear this shirt to honor the best announcer in the history of baseball. The other shirt is a Clayton Kershaw shirt that I picked up at, you guessed it, Walmart. I bought it the same day that I received the Pee Wee Reese retired number pin. Because it is white I usually save wearing it for when I am at the stadium.

The Blanket

blanketThis blanket serves as a decoration for my bed, something to keep me warm during the winter, and most recently, a backdrop for pictures. My Mom helped me make this throw blanket after I repainted my room to be a sports theme. We went to the craft store and bought this fleece, then began to cut and sew. I didn’t particularly enjoy the sewing part, but I really wanted the blanket so I did my best. The blanket is really warm but not as soft after being used so much during the winter.

The Coaster Set

coastersThis set was the special Dodger Stadium gift that came at the end of the Dodger Stadium Clubhouse Tour, you can read about it here. This is a set of 4 ceramic Dodgers coasters. They have the common Dodgers logo with the baseball, and the base path around the edges. It comes in a wooden box with plastic around it. The best way to display it is to make a stand for it so you can place it at an angle.


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    Loved the writing Micah-man. Especially the info about entering your room. Since I’ve been their it was right on!! ~=0)

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    looks nice

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    I really like this post, one of your best pieces of writing yet. Keep it up … this is fun to read!!!

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