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One of my favorite birthday gifts came on my 14th birthday. My Dad told me that we were going to take the Dodger Stadium Clubhouse Tour in July. I was really excited and the rest of June seemed to take forever. The day finally arrived on July 16, while the Dodgers were playing against the Diamondbacks in Arizona. My Dad and I arrived early and hung out in the Dodger Stadium Store.

Our tour began in the “nose-bleed” section. Our tour guide told us why the seats are colored the way they are. Each level represents something in California. View of the field and seats at Dodger Stadium from the home bullpen.The bottom level is yellow, for the beaches. The next level up was originally painted brown, but is now more of an orange, it stands for the mountains. The next level was at one time green, and it stands for the vegetation and agriculture. The top level is blue and it stands for the water and sky. Our tour guide also said that a boy on a tour once said that it looks like the ocean. You can see it a little from the photo, but you can see it better from above. The yellow would be the sand, the orange the harder sand, the green is the water, and the blue is the darker water. It truly does look like the beach.

Tommy Lasorda retired number jersey.We rode the elevator that the players use. We took it to the floor with the Tommy Lasorda briefing room. They use it to brief players, security, and staff. 1981 World Series JerseyThe room is covered with Dodger memorabilia, there is a Tommy Lasorda jersey, which is the one the Dodgers game him when they retired his number. Lasorda thinks of Dodger Stadium as “Blue Heaven on Earth,” so he insisted they put it in the stadium. There is also a jersey that is signed by all the members of the 1981 World Series Championship team. This was also given to Tommy Lasorda and he once again insisted it be put in the stadium.

We then took the elevator to the VIP level. That is the level with the Vin Scully press box and all the booths. This room has a very wide hallway, but I will not tell you about that. Some things should be left for the tour guides. We went inside the Vin Scully press box, where we learned some interesting facts.Vin Scully Press Box

  • When the Dodgers asked Vin Scully to allow them to rename the Dodger’s Press Box the Vin Scully Press Box, he refused. He said, “No. I am a member of the press, I must be impartial.” But the Dodgers convinced him that he had been their reporter long enough that everybody knew he was a Dodger fan.
  • Vin Scully does not sit in the Vin Scully press box. The Vin Scully press box is actually occupied by people such as the official scorer and the official statistician. Vin Scully sits in a smaller booth that is lined up perfectly with home plate.
  • Before every home game, when the lineups are being swapped, the umpires will turn to Vin Scully and tip their cap or salute. We learned that they do this because he is the only announcer who has never said a bad word about an umpire.
  • Dodger Stadium is the only National League stadium that is symmetrical (Busch Stadium in St. Louis is off by a foot.)

The cart that carried the bullpen pitchers from the bullpen to the mound.After the press box, we saw lots of Dodgers memorabilia such as: pictures of the opening ceremony where the key was handed over to Walter O’Malley, the key that was handed over, tickets over the years, the last home plate used at Ebbets Field, the first home plate used at Dodger Stadium, a cart that was used to bring pitchers from the bullpen, and a signed Vin Scully Jersey.

Dodger gold glove displayWe then went from the VIP level to the clubhouse level. As you step off the elevator, you are greeted by “the Bling Room,” this is a hallway where all the awards are kept. They have gold gloves, Cy Young Awards, and much more.

We then went into the old visitor’s clubhouse; this was used up until 2013. It is now just used for tours. We then walked into the visitor’s dugout and spent no time there. Selfie with a Kike Hernandez sticker.When we arrived on the field, our tour guide clapped to show us the acoustics. We then walked to the Dodger’s dugout, where we had our pictures taken. On the wall we found a picture of Kike Hernandez batting.

Diamond vision pictureThe bullpen had some surprises, such as funny fan quotes written on the wall. We exited the bullpen and went into the hallway connecting the dugout and bullpen with the clubhouse. Along the way we found the amazing training room, it was breath-taking. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the clubhouse, for the player’s privacy. We then went into the interview room. This room is where Dave Roberts is interviewed after each game. We posed for pictures and received a special Dodgers gift.

We went into the retired numbers hallway, where they had displays for every retired number. It is hard to describe, so instead I will show a few pictures.

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This tour was amazing, and I would highly recommend that you take it. It was definitely worth the money. If you aren’t a Dodger fan, don’t judge the tour by it’s cover. There were Cardinals fans on the tour and they enjoyed it too.

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